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WeAre Family
e are in an industry thriving on relationships. Retailers need to make connections with consumers and communities. Manufacturers and sales representatives need to align with retailers’ needs.
Today these connections happen with the help of technology balanced with face-to- face interaction: forging friendships, sharing advice, reviewing trends, discovering new opportunities.
Dallas Market Center understands its pivotal role in helping build relationships. We are the matchmaker, and markets are the mixers, the meet and greets, the vehicle for making the introductions and fostering strong connections.
As helpful as technology can be, nothing matches a face-to-face discussion. That’s why I look forward to visiting retailers across the country; to walk inside shops big and small and to listen to your triumphs and trials. While across the table from hundreds of retailers, I have asked about changes to your business, how we can better serve you, and how we can help you succeed with your customers year-round. We do the same for our exhibitors, spending time in showrooms and at trade events around the world.
We listen. We ask questions. We learn. And we implement.
The result is a June 2017 market that o ers a unique blend of new showrooms, expanded temps, exciting events and enhanced technology all designed to help make your trip to Dallas more successful. After 60 years (yes, we are celebrating a diamond anniversary this summer) we continue to improve.
One comment I have heard above all others is the request for more new resources and unique products. We listened, and we invite you to visit the new Interior Home + Design Center, a home design mecca. The IHDC is actually the redevelopment of the former Plaza building, with a  rst  oor now featuring some of the leading home décor companies.
To meet the needs of busy retailers and interior designers, the IHDC is open daily and
the  rst- oor location provides easy access. This new home destination is a tremendous complement to the existing home showrooms in the World Trade Center and the Trade Mart.
In addition to the IHDC, unique products and new resources are o ered on every  oor in June especially among gift showrooms and in the temporaries so I challenge you to explore the entire campus and to take time before market to review these pages (and our social media) for inspiration.
Speaking of social media, it’s more important than ever to use online tools to help your business. Here’s what we are doing to help: we have a new online digest of news and information called DMC Daily Dose that covers trends, events, news and insights. It can help you make informed decisions. Connect to DMC Daily Dose through Also don’t forget to download the DMC app; it will give you real-time updates and make your market experience that much smoother.
Our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube) continue to connect you to the marketplace and each other 24/7. Launching in June will be the exciting new broadcast platform DMC TV. It’s a live-stream show over social media that will deliver tips, ideas and news for the June market. Whether you use all of these channels or just one or two, we want to connect with you before, during and after the market.
Our relationship is a special one. We are a family—exhibitors, sales reps, retailers and all who support our marketplace. Families work together, have fun together and succeed together. We will continue to innovate, evolve and connect to make that family even stronger.
Cindy Morris | President & CEO, Dallas Market Center
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