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We live in a modern technology-driven era 1. Use real-time communication by live sharing
dominated by digital conversations. Do you ever see anyone not on their phones?
When you come to Dallas Market Center, whether
for the Apparel & Accessories, Total Home & Gift,
Lightovation, the Dallas Men’s Show or The One
markets, you have a unique opportunity to let
your customers see behind the scenes. You are
discovering cool new products, placing orders, 3. attending seminars, interacting with the companies
you buy from and other retailers and learning even more about your industry when at market.
Start conversations on industry topics. Have you discovered what could be your next hot item or category? Engage your customers to see if that would excite them.
Interact with the industry’s big players. Share sel es with well-known designers and celebrities, or share a conversation with an exhibitor about that next big thing.
Communicate directly with customers if you’re deciding between two companies with similar products. Let your customers weigh in on their favorite.
Make your market trip work for you when back in the shop. Put together a Pinterest page of the new products you’ve found at market for long- lasting customer interaction.
events or your buying experience. Show your customers products you are considering, or share a celebrity sighting.
Want to reach a larger audience? Make sure to leverage Dallas Market Center’s social media accounts. Following and engaging with Dallas Market Center on social media before, during and after markets is
a great way to keep up with DMC, trend and product discovery, and industry news. Dallas Market Center is always available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. Follow us on these social media channels for the most up-to- date information.
Connect with our social media community and share with yours by using @dallasmarket and #dallasmarket. You never know where your pictures, posts and insights might be shared.
Why not share some of those fun  nds or new 4. insights? Social media makes it easy. Let your
customers see all of the hard work that goes into
 nding the best selection for your store. Sharing
your market experiences can create excitement and 5. go a long way in developing the digital conversation
between you and your customers. These top tips
will help you make the most of your market-inspired
social media connections:
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