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their list of must-attend markets—and around
the globe to find the specialized mix of products that define Kuhl-Linscomb. Pam and her team search out new and unique, but Pam gives the nod of approval on all products. The mix encompasses European, national and local lines—many of which shoppers would be hard-pressed to find
anywhere else.
“We look for good design,” Pam said. “Products don’t have to have a big name, but they need to be well-constructed.” She added that she values the opinion of her associates, who advocate for the daily feedback and requests they hear from customer. “They are boots on the ground,”
she jested.
The comprehensive, curated selection or the expansive layout, while impressive, do not alone cement Kuhl-Linscomb’s status as an independent retail rock star.
That comes from a place of passion and love for what they do, which is apparent at every turn of the store. From  xture design and merchandising to customer service, Kuhl-Linscomb delivers
an experience that is sure to make customers want to come back time and again. “We bring the interesting and unusual to customers’  ngertips – an oddity in today’s homogenous retail scene,” said Pam.
First there is the merchandising. A certi ed interior designer, Pam worked toward opening Kuhl-Linscomb with booths in a high-end antique co-op and a large showroom at the Decorative
Center Houston. Pam’s love of vintage is apparent throughout the retail space with one-of-a-kind  xtures, signs and other artifacts as the foundation for truly unique displays. Walk the store with Dan
for a fascinating history of found objects throughout. While Kuhl-Linscomb does showcase antique pieces for sale amidst its more current o erings,  xtures and signage are often proprietary. Not that that stops customers from trying to purchase them, he said.
The Linscombs also have the store’s  ow down to
a science. With so much to o er, the retailer could easily become chaotic, but the  ow of departments is logical. It’s easy to follow the campus layout back to a starting point. For those who are directionally challenged, there is always the map. Display changes keep the retailer unpredictable for anyone who shops there regularly.
While some might consider Kuhl-Linscomb a department store, it’s so much more. Educated
sales associates are on hand to help customers. The retailer has more than 30 sales associates at any given time—many more during the holidays, many of them experts in their respective categories.
A robust bridal registry helps customers plan for the big day, and Kuhl-Linscomb welcomes all family members, even pets. Fido can shop too, and that’s
a good thing because there’s an entire department devoted to our furry friends, with bedding, accessories, treats and toys.
Multiple registers throughout the campus make checkout easy and expedient. Kuhl-Linscomb o ers free giftwrapping service, complete with French paper in a rainbow of colors and coordinating Kuhl-Linscomb-branded ribbon. Also free are margaritas, co ee and other beverages and snacks.
Local and national reviews on the retailer regale
it as a destination must when visiting Houston. It has become so popular in some tourist circles, that out-of-town customers have asked the Linscombs to replicate the experience in other cities, Dan said.
As the Linscombs choose to keep a watchful eye over their retail establishment, however, expanding into other cities is not on their to-do list. Instead, they are looking to bring the retailer’s unique experience beyond Houston through e-commerce. The Kuhl- Linscomb website is in the midst of a redesign, which will extend the curated selection and some of the magic of the campus shopping experience to a broader customer base.
“We are grateful that people want more of us, and
in an e ort to make the Kuhl-Linscomb experience available to those not in Houston, we are working behind the scenes on e-commerce and a website designed to replicate the signature KL mix,” Pam said.
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