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mattress can live under the same set of roofs and make perfect sense.
“We provide diversity and a sense of discovery to our customers, who are becoming more and more educated about design and lifestyle every day,” said Pam. “By keeping the product mix fresh, and merchandising creatively, we’ve been able to maintain our loyal clientele and attract new customers.”
With thousands of SKUs in dozens of categories—beauty and wellness; home fragrance and accessories; fashion; eyewear; men’s products; stationery; travel; kids; garden accessories; products for pets; housewares and gourmet foods; tabletop and kitchen textiles; furniture; lighting; bed and bath; books; and even an “all things Texas” department—it is impossible to imagine that each product in
the store is hand-selected and approved by Pam. It is. “The assortment is high pro le and yet-to-be-discovered, traveled and domestic, accessible and best of the best—but most of
all it is inspired and inspiring,” Pam noted. “We collaborate with kindred creatives—those emerging makers who have limited production and big talent. These small-batch creative wares blend seamlessly with our well-known luxury brands in each department.”
The Linscombs travel to trade markets across America—Dallas Market Center is always on

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